Pet Physiotherapy

Pet Physiotherapy

Pet Physiotherapy now available in Galway

Ark Vets are delighted to let our clients know that we offer Pet Physiotherapy in Ark Vets Knocknacarra on a Saturday morning.

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in getting your pet back to full health especially if they have had any major Orthopaedic surgery. It also greatly helps if your pet is suffering from any joint issue like arthritis. Karen Kennedy is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse and pet Physiotherapist.

Karen works in practice in Limerick and does a clinic twice weekly in Knocknacarra. The initial visit is to get to know you & your pet pet_phys4and to access what problems your pet is suffering from.  Karen will also liaise with our Vets in Ark to discuss each case. Karen will then know what treatment will best suit your pet’s needs. Most pets actually find the visit extremely relaxing as does the owner some pets have been known to doze off during the treatment process!

The treatment usually consists of very gentle manipulation & stretching of the joints, Karen also uses Laser therapy which omits a pulse & heat to specific muscles and this is when a pet usually falls asleep. Karen will also recommend gentle Physical Therapy exercises that you can do at home, because it usually involves massaging of the muscles your pet will not find it painful at all.

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