Blood Donor – Pets need them too

Could your pet be a Blood Donor?.

Who would have thought that some day your pet would need a blood transfusion due to life threatening emergency cases such as road traffic accidents, poisonings and complicated surgeries to name a few. Here at Ark Vets Knocknacarra, we can provide a blood donation service for your pet. We only call for these donations when we need them. Which means every drop of blood we collect is used to treat an animal whose life would be in severe danger without it. Because of this, we are always on the look out for pets who we can call upon in an emergency to donate blood.

Roger, a four year old collie, came into Ark Vets Knocknacarra after eating rat poison. Roger was severely anaemic and needed a blood transfusion to save his life.

Luckily here at Ark Vets Knocknacarra one of our staff members has the ideal candidate for a blood donor dog. Jake is a five year old Golden Retriever who has been donating blood for over two years. Jake loves coming in to Ark Vets knocknacarra where he gets VID (very important dog) treatment by the staff as he donates his blood. He is very relaxed and once the donation is made Jake receives a well earned drink and snack and maybe a new toy for a job well done! If you would like your pet to become a blood donor that can be called upon to help save a life of a critically ill patient, there are certain conditions that each donor dog needs to meet:

  • Aged between one and eight years
  • over 25kg
  • fully vaccinated, healthy and not receiving any medication.

If your pet is a suitable candidate please contact Ark Vets Knocknacarra to join our list of donors.

Below is a picture of Jake preparing to donate blood, Jake has donated about 8 times now blood donor exampleso is used to the procedure, as you can see he looks very relaxed. Some dogs donating for the first time may need light sedation to ensure they are relaxed.