Euthanasia & Cremation for Pets in Galway

Euthanasia & Cremation for Pets in Galway
At Ark veterinary clinic we know that it is a very difficult time for you having to say goodbye to your pet for the last time. We understand that your pet is your friend and offers you companionship & comfort like nothing else in this world. Many people can be unprepared for the extent of grief after losing your pet. If the time has come where your pet has to be put to sleep, we will do our best to make this process as comfortable for you and your pet as possible. We offer an early or late appointment to give you the privacy and as much time as you need to spend with your pet before & after. The best option for you at this point is to discuss some details that may be difficult to process at the time of your pet being put to sleep. 
For instance we ask at the time of booking the appointment have you discussed with family members what options you would be interested in for your pet. Here in Ark Vets Galway we offer a cremation service, where you can avail of getting your pets ashes returned. Options to consider would be if you wanted to avail of  private or public cremation, or would you prefer to bring your pet home for burial. It is important to give all the options & information at this point so you have time to think about what you want. This will make the process slightly easier for you and also relieves the pressure of having to make a decision when you will not be thinking straight. We can give options such as casket choice, these include scatter tubes, tribute boxes (which contain a small framed area for a photo as well as a sliding lid if the owners wish to scatter your pets ashes), carved cat or dog caskets for placement in gardens. 
We use the services of the Cranmore Pet Crematorium who are highly reputable.
They offer a compassionate & professional service which is helpful while grieving the loss of your pet & offer a 02_expect_mo (1)wide range of caskets & memorial plaques for you to choose from.
The actually procedure is carried out by giving an injection into a vein in the leg and is painless for your pet.
You may wish to take a snippet of hair from your pet as a keep safe.
Each member of Ark Vets staff have all lost a pet at one time or another and are completely understanding of this difficult situation. 
We all experience loss differently as well as feeling deeply saddened we can also experience shock & denial, guilt, anger & blame. A few helpful ideas to help you cope with the grief would be to take time out from your normal routine, allow yourself to grieve fully. Sometimes people feel embarrassed of how upset they are and will try and hide their grief.
Accept you will have good & bad days, and remember sooner or later – as with any bereavement – time will begin its healing process. 
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