Opthalmology for Pets in Galway

Opthalmology for Pets in Galway

Opthalmology for your Pet in Galway

Ark Vets Galway is delighted to be able to offer the services of Natasha Mitchell MVB, an pet opthalmologyeye specialist who is based at Crescent Veterinary Clinic in Limerick. Natasha has been dedicating her time to Ophthalmology since 2002 and now works exclusively treating animal’s eyes.

Natasha works to a very high standard, and holds the RCVS Diploma in Veterinary Ophthalmology. Natasha holds a clinic once a month in Ark Vets Galway.

At Ark Vets Galway, Natasha deals with all eye conditions. For example, Poppy, a 9 year old Poodle and a patient at Ark Vets, was examined for a discharge coming from both eyes. On examination Natasha found that Poppy had too much skin on her forehead which was causing her upper eyelids to fall forward, covering her eyes. Also her eyelashes were rubbing against her eyes. Natasha preformed a surgery here in Ark Vets which corrected this problem. With time & medication, Poppy can now see perfectly much to relief of Poppy & her owner.

When Natasha holds her monthly clinic in Ark Vets she can carry out eye tests which are recognised under a number of different breeding organisations. This is where breeders can avail of these specialised tests to have their dogs examined for hereditary & non-hereditary eye disease.