All About Cats

All About Cats

Cats are different

Cats are solitary hunters and because of this they can appear to be very independent. They are naturally active at night and are Catsgifted with very good night vision. They must be injury-free to be good hunters so they are constantly aware of their environment and the threats it may contain.

They like high safe positions from which to survey the territory and are always on the look out for danger. They generally dislike other competitor cats and try and avoid them. This way they are less likely to get injured as a consequence of cat fights.

These characteristics mean that cats don’t like environments they don’t know and can get quite stressed if they are not handled with patience and consideration, especially when they go to the veterinary clinic. (See the following chapter)

Cats hide illness

Cats don’t like to show weakness or vulnerability. The cat is a small predator and there are other animals (and even people) who would be happy to treat it as prey as well. The cat, of course, is well aware of this. It’s a small animal with only itself to rely on when it comes to avoiding or escaping from a dangerous situation. By showing weakness it attracts the attention of other predators.

Because of this, cats are excellent at not showing they’re ill; they often just become quieter and less active. Unless you notice that this is a change in their normal behaviour your cat could be ill for a while before you notice that anything is wrong.

So regular annual health exams are highly recommended for all cats to make sure they enjoy a healthy happy life.