My dog is scooting on the ground, does he have worms.

My dog is scooting on the ground, does he have worms.

Story about Dog Scooting from one of our patients in Galway…

Harry, my two year old Cavalier King Charles started scooting his bum on our carpet. I had never seen him do this before so I rang Ark Lakeland Terrier x Border Collie Bess scootingVets Knocknacarra and spoke to one of the lovely nurses there. She said it is most likely that his anal glands are filled and bothering him. Usually dog’s express their anal glands on their own when they go to the toilet. Its actually a way of them leaving their scent behind them. Smaller dogs usually have a harder time expressing these glands on there own.

I didn’t even know dogs had these glands. The other thing it could have been are worms. As Harry had been wormed recently and is on a strict worming protocol (four times a year), we ruled that out. She advised that I come in to see one of Ark Vets nursing team to check his glands and to make sure there wasn’t a problem with his bum or surrounding area.

I booked an appointment straight away. Turns out his anal glands were very full and on their way to becoming infected. Now I’m aware of these glands I will keep a close eye on him from now on. Harry is feeling much better now and is grateful to the lovely nurse who was really gentle when expressing his glands. He even got a little treat afterwards to take his mind of it!

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