Contraception in pets – the welfare case

Contraception in pets – the welfare case

Most owners now accept that fertility control is important for welfare reasons. The welfare societies continually promote spaying and neutering as part of responsible pet ownership because they are being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of unwanted animals. Unwanted animals usually have a tough time out there and many end up in very distressing circumstances.This is not new but with the availability of neutering and spaying, increased awareness of animal welfare and more publicity you would think the problem would be reducing. Unfortunately many thousands of dogs are euthanised in our dog pounds every year.

Bitches come into heat usually twice yearly. The cycle starts anytime from about 8 months to 15 months. Each heat lasts about 3 weeks with the 2nd half being the fertile period when ovulation takes place. Cats keep coming into heat until they are mated and are pregnant so potentially 1 female can be responsible for thousands of kittens in a lifetime.

We generally advise that bitches and female cats are neutered from 5-7 months and that males are allowed to reach maturity so that the urinary tract can fully develop. Some people like to allow females to have a heat and that’s fine if you are able to control the situation and know what to expect. The vets and nurses will be happy to discuss the options for your pet with you.

To help encourage people to spay or neuter their pets we are offering 15% off all operation fees this month. Please contact us at 584185 (St Mary’s Rd) or 510131 (Knocknacarra) for further information.

For this month of Responsible Pet Ownership, we are also offering 33% off microchips for cats and dogs. This includes the chip, implanting the chip, registering the chip both in our practices and nationally and lifelong registration. For more info, contact the clinics at the numbers above