Microchipping Pets

Microchipping Pets

September is National Chip Month

All dogs are now legally required to be microchipped.

Pups born after June 1st have to be microchipped from 1st September and all other dogs must be chipped by March 31st 2016

Owners are obliged to make sure their dogs are registered on one of the government approved national websites. We think chipping is a very good idea for your pet’s health and safety. It is the surest way of getting your dog back in the event of straying or injury and we have a lot of experience in relation to both. Indeed we would also recommend that cats are done.

From a government point of view it will help animal welfare, improve responsible pet ownership, reduce the number of euthanised animals and help to maintain public health.

We have no more free microchips but for the month of September, microchipping and registration will be offered at the special rate of €30 including VAT

Please call Ark Vets St Mary’s Rd at 584185 or Ark Vets Knocknacarra at 510130 to arrange an appointment