Animal Welfare is very important and is a measure of compassion in our society. All sentient beings want to be free from pain and misery and we see it as our job and our duty to make sure that we do what we can to make animals’ lives a little better every day. The welfare societies in Galway like Madra, Galway Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Galway Cat Rescue do formidable work for animals every day. The people who help them are all working voluntarily and yet many in our society grow to expect that these groups can pick up wherever and whenever irresponsible citizens leave off. This is an unfair and unreasonable expectation for us to have. All of these groups are working very hard to help the unwanted animals in our community but they are being overwhelmed by the numbers.

Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare go hand in hand. We think pet animals are great for people, for families and for the community at large. They keep us company, they exercise us, they guard us but most of all they love us.  However, to be responsible owners we need to put a bit of thought into getting a pet and the following point are important. 

  1. Think long and hard before choosing a pet – your situation, the species,breed and temperament, adopt or purchase, the costs involved.
  2. Vaccinate your pet to prevent predictable illnesses in yours and other pets. If you can’t afford to vaccinate and feed your pet, choose a different pet.
  3. Neuter your pet to prevent unwanted puppies or kittens. This alone would make a huge contribution to animal welfare.
  4. Microchip your pet so that if he / she gets lost, identification is easy and your pet will be returned to you quickly and won’t be an unnecessary burden on hard-pressed welfare groups
  5. If you care deeply about animal welfare think about helping these groups out with a contribution

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