Cat Friendly Practice

We love cats at Ark Vets Galway. We think kittens are great fun, fantastic company and very easy to train. Cats are so easy to have around the house; they can be really friendly and cuddly and generally are very clean. But Red cat with veterinarian doctor. Veterinary clinic.cats are different. They are solitary hunters, they are very aware of their territory and stress easily in strange surroundings. We have learned a lot about low-stress handling of cats in the last few years from various people and organisations and we are adopting as many cat friendly practices as we can in our clinics. To make your visit easier, here are a few suggestions:

  • Use your cat carrier as a bed at home
  • When coming to the clinic, bring a blanket that the cat uses at home
  • Occasionally place the carrier and cat in the car at home so that he doesn’t think ‘Oh help, the vet’ every time he’s put in the car
  • Occasionally bring him for a short spin for the same reason

We welcome all cat owners to the clinic and will make a special effort to make your visit as easy as possible for your pet kitty. Ark Vets staff has produced a very helpful booklet for cat owners and this is available at the clinic with our compliments. 

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