Why Pet Insurance is a must

Why Pet insurance makes so much sense – by Grace Haddock

 My name is Grace and I got a puppy about 1 ½ years ago.  He is a Labrador cross he’s called Sammy and of course he’s gorgeous (well I think so, even if he is a bit crazy).  Now I work in Ark Veterinary Clinic in Galway, so you’d think I know a thing or 2 about dogs, but alas no!  I work in the office so I know only the basics i.e. worming, flea treatments and vaccinations.  So I brought my puppy in for his first vaccination and looked for a lot of advice, which I got of course in bucket loads from the vets.

The one thing they all recommend is pet insurance, I was a little apprehensive mainly about the cost, but was I happy I got it.   I went with Allianz pet insurers, the cost worked out at about €12 per month as I took the direct debit option.

The premium is based on what the pet cost, the breed and the age of the dog.  So the price can vary, but all in all I would say it’s well worth it for peace of mind.  You pay a premium each year and an excess if the pet has to be seen by the vet, each excess amount is different depending on the insurer.

I pay an excess of €100, that may seem like a lot but Sammy has a skin condition and without the insurance I would have paid around €500 for last year.  The worry for me personally and for a lot of people are that if something awful were to happen Sammy like if he became diabetic or had to have an expensive orthopaedic procedure at least I would not have the agonising worry of paying the bills that accompany any vets bills and I know that without a doubt he will always get the best possible care at Ark Vets.

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