September is Microchip Month

Now a legal requirement for dogs,

Microchipping and registration is on Special Offer for September for €30

This includes the chip, injecting the chip, completion of forms and lifelong registration on the central data base

We are required to see proof of identity and proof of address to complete the registration form.

Thank you

Ring Ark Vets St Mary’s Rd 584185 or Ark Vets Knocknacarra 510131 and make an appointment now

May is Cat Month 

We know most cats do not like being moved out of their comfort zone. They don’t like being loaded into a cat box, and they don’t like going for spins in the car and they don’t like going into the vets.

For the past few years we are much more conscious of trying to make these visits much less stressful so that our feline patients are less stressed by visits to our practice. For May we will give a present of 10% off the cost of routine treatments to all our cat patients. So if your cat is due a booster or needs to be neutered, make an appointment this month.

Please contact Ark Vets Mary’s Road at 584185 or Ark Vets Knocknacarra at 510131 for further details 

Call Ark Vets Mary’s Road 584185 or Knocknacarra 510131 and our receptionists or our veterinary nurses will help you arrange an appointment.

 Ark Vets – because Healthy Pets are Happy Pets


We are continuing our special offer on OLD PAL HEALTH EXAMINATION.

This is a very important check up and we’ve recently picked up cases of diabetes, kidney disease and anaemia in animals that appeared to be fairly well for their age. The important issue here is EARLY diagnosis.

We want our pets to be healthy and happy for as long as possible. To do this we want to

1 Find out if there are any problems

2 Eliminate or decrease clinical signs of disease

3 Feed best diet to slow or prevent progression of disease

4 Feed to maintain optimal weight


Full Clinical Examination – heart, lungs, eyes, ears, mouth, skin, joints

Blood Profile to include Haematology and Biochemistry

Urine examination

Weight check and Feeding and Exercise Regime

Body Condition Score

Written report with recommendations.

Contact us at 091 584185 to make an appointment


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