Referred Clients – Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

An up-to-date record of your pets treatment is desirable, as are copies of any x-rays or blood tests or other investigative work undertaken already by your own vet. Your pet should have been vaccinated within the previous 12 months by your own vet – if not, ask them to carry this out prior to referral if at all practical.

Do I need to fast my pet?

For all cats and dogs, food should be taken away from 8pm the evening prior to your appointment. Water does not have to be withheld.

How long will the appointment take?

Most referral appointments last 30 minutes. If your pet is being admitted for surgery, they may need to stay with us for a few days. If your pet is being admitted for investigation, they may be able to go home the same evening, but it depends on how extensive the investigations are. We are usually able to give you a better idea when we meet you and examine your pet.

Can I be seen on a Saturday or Sunday?

Because of reduced staff levels at the weekend we accept only emergency cases on these days.

How much will it cost?

We can advise you over the phone for many queries. Unfortunately, some complex diseases are not easy to estimate for without seeing your pet. All you are committing to before we see you is our referral consultation fee. Any other investigation or treatment will be estimated prior to admitting your pet. For major investigations and treatment, we require a deposit be paid prior to admission.

How can I pay for treatment?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and cash. We do not accept cheques at this time. Payment in full is on collection of your pet.

Will my insurance cover the costs of treatment?

We can provide an estimate of costs to be sent to your insurers by you as a ‘pre-authorisation’; they can tell you directly whether costs will be covered. We are unable to speak on behalf of insurers and many insurance companies will only deal with the policyholder directly.

How can I find you?

Please click on the link here to find a list of directions to our Knocknacarra Practice

Who will be looking after my pet?

You will usually meet the referral clinician looking after your pet when you arrive. Our team of fully qualified vets and nurses will be involved in the care of your pet. Occasionally, a problem may be identified that requires combined expertise and the care of your pet may be transferred to a colleague within the team, but this will be discussed with you first.

What happens after my pet has surgery?

Invariably, animals will need a period of close confinement or cage rest to recuperate. If you do not have a cage or access to one, let us know and we will order one for you. In certain cases [e.g. spinal injuries], we recognise that their care requires professional attention and these animals are hospitalised with us for much longer. Once an animal is due to go home, we will arrange an appointment with you and discuss all aspects of their aftercare and rehabilitation

Do I need to let my own vet know what is happening?

There should be no need – usually we will be in touch with your own vet before you arrive back to them.

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