Referring Vets – Frequently Asked Questions

What Services do you provide?

We currently offer a complete orthopaedic service, from simple cast fracture repair, through spinal surgery, arthroscopy, TPLO and Total Hip Replacement. We also offer a complete medical service includingRadiology, Endoscopy, ECG, Cardiac and Abdominal Ultrasound, GIT workup, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Oncology and Haematology/Auto-Immune disease. We also have a big Dentistry caseload.

What facilities are available?

We can house animals from cats to the largest breed of dog. We provide separate soft tissue and orthopaedic theatres to minimise the risk of infection. There are separate facilities for dentistry and dirty procedures away from the main clean areas to prevent cross-contamination.

Over the years we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment to make diagnosis that bit more precise. A non-exhaustive list is presented below:



Bipolar and Monopolar Electrosurgery ECG
Full AO/ASIF kit from 1.5 to 4.5mm Ultrasound 3.5MHz to 10.0MHz
Full Spinal Surgical Kit CR Radiography, Bucky-type table
Hip Replacement Cemented and Cementless Operating Magnifying glasses for difficult ophthalmic cases
IMEX and KE ESF Intradermal Skin Testing
Sterile Suction Unit Gastroscopy
2.4 and 2.7mm Arthroscope Bronchoscope with port for BAL
SOP Locking Plating System High resolution Microscope for cytology

Who will see my client?

All of the team are familiar with triage of referred patients. While we have individual areas of interest, in the event of an emergency or out-of-hours, all of our vets will be able to admit the animal and treat it until such a time as the relevant expert can be contacted. There is some crossover, but individual areas of interest are listed below:

Aidan Miller MVB CertSAM

Medicine, Soft Tissue Surgery, Oncology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology. Aidan has a RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Medicine and spent time in UCD as a practitioner in residence.

James Dunne MVB CertSAS MRCVS

Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery. James gained the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Surgery and regularly lectures nationally to other vets on the topics of orthopaedics and spinal disease.

Martin O’ Malley MVB

Martin is currently the only resident vet in Ireland trained in PennHIP screening for hip dysplasia.

Seamus Mc Manus MVB MRCVS

Seamus has undergone advanced training in Veterinary Dentistry and has experience of all other aspects of companion animal medicine and surgery over 40 years.

Natasha Mitchell MVB DVOphthal MRCVS

Natasha is the only specialist level veterinary ophthalmologist resident in Ireland outside of UCD. She consults in Knocknacarra Veterinary Clinic on a monthly basis.

Wesley Power MVB CertVD MRCVS

Wesley consults on a monthly basis in our Knocknacarra branch and gained the RCVS Certificate in Veterinary Dermatology.

Karen Kennedy RVN PGDip Vet Physio

Karen is a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse with a postgraduate diploma in veterinary physiotherapy. She works with us twice a week to help get pets back on their feet if they have had surgery or are suffering from arthritis or spinal pain.

Can I see the procedure being done?

We have an open-door policy and any vet wishing to see a particular procedure is more than welcome to attend. Due to a heavy caseload, we do not always specify a particular time that a procedure will be done at. If you are interested in seeing a particular technique, please contact us.

 Who will get back to me and how?

The referral clinician dealing with the case will contact you. Please let us know whether you prefer a letter, email or phone call and we will oblige you. Any discharge advice given to the client will be forwarded to you also.

 What will happen if there is a complication with treatment?

Most complications are minor and will be foreseen prior to the patient being discharged. These can be dealt with at your own practice. Any major complication should be referred back to us at the earliest opportunity. If you are in any doubt about the severity of a complication, please contact us in the first instance.

What will happen if a client asks for other treatment to be carried out at our practice?

In general, we will not allow succession under any circumstances. However, in rare occasions, we may phone you for permission for certain treatment to be undertaken while the animal is under the same anaesthetic. Clients will always be asked to return to their referring practices.

Can you give me an estimate of costs over the phone?

For many orthopaedic procedures, we are happy to provide estimates. However, certain things are difficult to estimate for such as internal medical problems, multi-limb trauma or multi-system injuries.

Can my client pay in instalments?

We do not run credit under any circumstances. Please see Terms of Business in the ‘About Us’ section.

Case of the Quarter

From time to time, we will write up the presentation and outcomes of particularly unusual or challenging cases for information and interest.

Click here to access Case of the Quarter Archives.

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