A little about Ark Vets Galway

Ark Vets Galway is first and foremost a Companion Animal Veterinary Practice that helps family pets and is dedicated to the idea that healthy pets are happy pets. 

We are a team of people concerned for the welfare of animals and committed to quality care and kindness for our patients and clients at our 3 clinics in St Mary’s Rd, Knocknacarra and Oranmore. 

Over  70,000 cases have been treated in our clinics since we opened in 1976, so we have gained a lot of experience helping all kinds of family pets over that period. Ark Vets is also a Referral Practice offering our colleagues in other practices a centre locally where more specialised care is provided for complicated cases. 

More than 140 vets in the region refer patients to our practice trusting the expertise developed in dealing with large numbers of difficult cases over many years.

Consultations are available Monday to Saturday at the locations below.

Hours 830am - 6.00pm weekdays Sat 9.00am - 4.00pm. Sat hours Knocknacarra and Oranmore 9.00am - 1.00pm

Emergency out of hours available 24/7. Ring 091-584185  091-584185 / 510131

Locations for Ark Vets Galway

Ark Vets St Mary’s Rd (opposite St Mary’s College) 091 584185
Ark Vets Knocknacarra (at the back of B&Q) 091 510131
Ark Vets Oran Vet Clinic (behind the Maldron Hotel) 091 788270

Latest News  


  • Susan Looby Cullinane — 5 star Great place and staff! The young vet came to our rescue one night it was after hours and no bothers to   him he was so nice to us and our jrt a life saver!! Monica Moniq — 5 star We left our baby Pip there last night for operation,James was very nice and...
  • If you are choosing a veterinary practice, Ark Vets is the one I would recommend. Here you (and your pet) are offered medical treatment of a reliable quality, and a full range of services is offered by a team of professional Vets. Caring staff, new equipment and helpful therapy - definitely, this is the vet clinic of my choice!
    Tom JoyceTom

    57 years

  • Fantastic service and really helpful and caring personnel. I was impressed by pleasant atmosphere and the general assistance. My vet offered my pet dog a very effective treatment and I could see significant improvement quickly. We followed all the prescriptions and now Scooby is back to full health. Greatly thankful to all the staff, and I would definitely recommend Ark Vets Galway to anyone with a pet in need.
    Maggie SammonMaggie Sammon

    32 years

medical doctor dog

Little dog as a vet wearing robe and stethoscope - isolated over

Teeth Cleaning Dog



All of our vets are fully qualified and experienced, with a particular interest in treating pets. Two of our vets hold Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Certificates, one in Small Animal Medicine and one in Small Animal Surgery.



The clinic carries out routine radiology and more advanced diagnostic imaging such as myelograms and contrast X-rays, including contrast studies of joints, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.



The clinic has its own in-house blood test machines. These give us rapid haematology, biochemistry and electrolyte results and allow for quick and accurate diagnosis.

Our Partners and Retired Partner

James Dunne

Veterinary Surgeon

After he qualified in 1998, James joined Ark in 2004 after six years working in small animal practice in England. He gained the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Surgery by examination in 2005 and became a partner in 2009. Most of James' caseload is taken up with orthopaedics and he welcomes colleagues' queries or referrals. He is responsible for Personnel in the practice. His family has a Red Setter, a Springer Spaniel and a cat.

Martin O'Malley

Veterinary Surgeon

With a broad range of experience in domestic pets and farm animal practice, Martin joined Ark Vets Galway in February 2011 and became a partner in 2016.  He currently divides his time between our branch in St. Mary's Road and the Oran Veterinary Clinic. Martin has a strong interest in skin problems and clinical pathology.  He is the only vet in Ireland certified for PennHIP x-rays which are used to evaluate hip dysplasia in dogs.

Aidan Miller

Veterinary Surgeon

Having worked in UK after he qualified in 1992, Aidan joined Ark in 1995. He became a partner in 2001. He gained the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Medicine by examination in 2001. Aidan's family have 2 dogs and a cat. He is in charge of clinical services. His caseload is mainly internal medicine and surgery cases and he is available if colleagues in other practices want to discuss or refer cases.